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Leather effect purses, bags and backpacks are indispensable accessories in a man's life. If until a few years ago a man's style was defined by his jacket, or shoes, today the bag and backpack have become an integral part of the look. Whether due to fashion running at the speed of light, or life changing just as fast, a backpack or bag is now indispensable in every man's wardrobe.  Where to buy excellent quality bags, backpacks, or purses? Clayton is the answer. A reference point in men's clothing, with its competitively priced yet beautifully crafted offerings, Clayton Italia® references urban settings and international style rules, street fashion, and metropolitan subcultures. Its rich offer includes the best in men's clothing, accessories and footwear, for a man who is trend-conscious but with an eye on tradition. That's why, if you're looking for men's backpacks, bags or purses, it's the perfect brand for you. Why buy men's backpacks or bags? Men's backpacks are durable, beautiful and absolutely fashionable. Now offered in different models, casual or dressy, they are suitable for formal occasions like a business appointment, or informal ones like a day at the office or the park.  Bags, on the other hand, convey a man's style and way of being. From the ever-present briefcase suitable for businessmen, to the soft shoulder bag for tackling the day, to the fanny pack or duffel bag for personal items, the options are numerous. If you're looking for men's bags on offer, at a great price but with excellent quality, you've come to the right place.